Keyboard Navigation

There are 2 mechanisms for accessing HL7Spy features without the use of the mouse. These are explained below.

Key Tips

HL7Spy provides quick keyboard access to Ribbon pages, page groups, and buttons by means of Key Tips. When an end-user presses and releases the ALT or F10 key shortcuts are displayed above buttons in the toolbar. Pressing the key associated with the shortcut will either execute the shortcut, or display a list of sub item shortcuts which can be activated. For example, Alt-H, MA will turn on/off masking.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard short cuts provide an alternative mechanism to Key Tips for accessing a subset of HL7Spy's functionality without a mouse. A table of keyboard shortcuts can be found below.

Tool Navigation


Switch Focus between the Editor and Segment Editor
Ctrl+POpen message property window for the selected message
Ctrl+EShow Segment Editor view
Ctrl+Shfit+MMerge Message tabs
Ctrl+WShow the Watch List view
Ctrl+Shift+SSort Message tab
Ctrl+Shift+W Generate watch list report
Ctrl+Shift+RGenerate clean up message collection tool
F1Show HL7 Standard view

Message/Field Navigation

Ctrl+LeftMove to previous non-null field
Ctrl+RightMove to next non-null field
Alt+RightGo to next message
Alt+LeftGo to the previous message
Ctrl+HomeGo to the first message
Ctrl+EndGo to the last message
Ctrl+(0-9)Move to a specific field number. E.G. Ctrl+19 moves to field 19 in the current segment.
Ctrl+GGo to a specific message index.

Message Editor

Ctrl+I+SInsert Segment
Ctrl+I+FInsert Field
Ctrl+I+RInsert Repeat
Ctrl+I+CInsert Component
Ctrl+I+TInsert Subcomponent
Ctrl+DeleteDelete current Selection
Ctrl+ZUndo edit
Ctrl+YRedo edit
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy message
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste message

Segment Editor

Ctrl+UpGo to the previous segment
Ctrl+DownGo to the next segment
RightGo to next field
LeftGo to the previous field
Ctrl+TToggle “Show Empty Components” and “Show Empty Fields”


Ctrl+FShow Find Message dialog
F3Search Next
Ctrl+Shift+FQuick Find Message text
Ctrl+Shift+DownQuick Find Next
Ctrl+Shift+UpQuick Find Previous
Ctrl+Shift+HHighlight specific field within the message


Ctrl+NOpen new message tab
Ctrl+OOpen File
Ctrl+XClose File (clicking on the message tab with the middle mouse button will do the same)
Ctrl+Shift+XClose all files
Ctrl+SSave File
Ctrl+HOpen file with the hex editor


Ctrl+Shift+WAdd current selection to Watch List
Ctrl+SpaceShow statistics for the selected component
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceShow statistics for the selected field
Ctrl+Alt+SpaceShow statistics for selected sub-component
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceShow statistics for the selected field
Ctrl+Shift+AShow advanced statistics for the selected area
Ctrl+MouseHovering over a field with the Ctrl key pressed will display a tooltip with the field description