User Manual

Introduction and Overview

HL7Spy is a productivity enhancement tool designed for individuals working with HL7 2.x messages. It was developed for a group of HL7 Analysts at a large Radiology Information Systems (RIS) provider. Their primary responsibility was to integrate the company's Radiology Workflow product with the hospital's IT infrastructure.

Integrating different HL7 systems can be challenging due to site-specific variations, incorrect field formatting, non-adherence to field lengths, missing required fields, misinterpretations of standards, and shortcuts taken by vendors. These issues make interconnecting two systems a daunting task for analysts.

HL7Spy simplifies this process by helping HL7 analysts and programmers quickly interpret and characterize large HL7 message streams. The software rapidly reads thousands of messages and provides detailed statistics at the message, field, component, and sub-component levels. This information offers valuable insight into the nature of message exchanges and eliminates the guesswork associated with determining which fields are filled in, when, and with what values.

Additionally, HL7Spy includes features for viewing, editing, searching, sorting, sending, and receiving HL7 messages. It also allows users to retrieve messages from databases, view messages in hexadecimal format, and access other features that make HL7Spy an invaluable tool for maintaining and troubleshooting HL7 interfaces.