Clean-up Tool

The clean-up tool allows you to find and remove unwanted messages from a tab. For instance, sometimes you want to remove duplicate messages, or remove messages coming from a particular source system. The Clean-up tool provides you with this capability.

  • Operation - Control whether the tool removes the messages, or just performs a find.
  • Remove consecutive duplicate messages - Some log files write the message twice. If this option is selected a full message compare will be performed between the current message and the previous message. If they are equivalent, the current message will be removed from the tab.
  • Remove duplicate messages, field based - Every message is parsed and the key expression is evaluated. If a message further in the tab is found to contain the same key expression value, it is removed from the collection. The simplest expression is just an HL7Path. For example, in the diagram above, the value in MSH-10 is used. More complex expressions can be used such as PID-3 + MSH-9.2, which will result in the tab containing at most 1 type of each message type for a given patient ID.
  • Remove where - Removes messages based on a condition expression. If the condition expression evaluates to true, it is removed from the collection. In the example above, all messages where MSH-3 is SQ, VAL2, VAL3, are removed.
  • Remove messages with only an MSH segment - Any messages found that only have an MSH segment are removed.
  • Remove ACK messages where MSA-1 = - This removes ACK messages from the tab where the value in MSA-1 is AA, if check, AE if check, or AR if check. This is equivalent to using the "Remove where" and setting the condition to:  MSA-1 in ('AA','AE','AR')
  • Place removed messages into new Tab - If this option is set, any messages that are removed are placed into their own Tab.