Command Line Options

The following command line options are available when running HL7Spy

HL7Spy.exe [-e] [-lf=file(s)] [-mllp=port]

-?|help|h - Prints out the options.
-e (Use Existing): use an existing HL7Spy instance, don't start a new one
-lf (Load File(s)): file(s) - separate multiple files with a ; (semicolon)
-mllp (Start MLLP Listener): port - integer port to listen on

Note: Option names are case sensitive

Example - Load the file c:\temp\file.hl7 into a currently running instance of HL7Spy:
HL7Spy -e -lf="c:\Temp\file.hl7"

Example - Start HL7Spy are start listening on port 12000 for HL7 messages
HL7Spy -mllp=12000

HL7Spy.exe -user=licensee -key=licenseKey

-user (User): licensee - the owner of the license. This must match the licensee given to you when the product was purchased
-key (License Key): "LicenseKey" - The license given to you when the product was purchased

Example - Install a license
HL7Spy.2.1.214.exe -s -user="" -key="O5TJfp0z651q61RS83zF.........GsYot8qKuNjw3PWIcOAng=2PH141202"