Keyboard Shortcuts

Tool Navigation

Ctrl+TabSwitch Focus between the Editor and Segment Editor
Ctrl+POpen message property window for the selected message
Ctrl+EShow Segment Editor view
Ctrl+Shfit+MMerge Message tabs
Ctrl+WShow the Watch List view
Ctrl+Shift+SSort Message tab
Ctrl+Shift+W Generate watch list report
Ctrl+Shift+RGenerate clean up message collection tool
F1Show HL7 Standard view

Message/Field Navigation

Ctrl+LeftMove to previous non-null field
Ctrl+RightMove to next non-null field
Alt+RightGo to next message
Alt+LeftGo to previous message
Ctrl+HomeGo to first message
Ctrl+EndGo to last message
Ctrl+(0-9)Move to a specific field number. E.G. Ctrl+19 move to field 19 in the current segment.
Ctrl+GGo to specific message index.

Message Editor

Ctrl+I+SInsert Segment
Ctrl+I+FInsert Field
Ctrl+I+RInsert Repeat
Ctrl+I+CInsert Component
Ctrl+I+TInsert Subcomponent
Ctrl+DeleteDelete current Selection
Ctrl+ZUndo edit
Ctrl+YRedo edit
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy message
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste message

Segment Editor

Ctrl+UpGo to previous segment
Ctrl+DownGo to next segment
RightGo to next field
LeftGo to previous field
Ctrl+TToggle “Show Empty Components” and “Show Empty Fields”


Ctrl+FShow Find Message dialog
F3Search Next
Ctrl+Shift+FQuick Find Message text
Ctrl+Shift+DownQuick Find Next
Ctrl+Shift+UpQuick Find Previous
Ctrl+Shift+HHighlight specific field within the message


Ctrl+NOpen new message tab
Ctrl+OOpen File
Ctrl+XClose File (clicking on the message tab with the middle mouse button will do the same)
Ctrl+Shift+XClose all files
Ctrl+SSave File
Ctrl+HOpen file with the hex editor


Ctrl+Shift+WAdd current selection to Watch List
Ctrl+SpaceShow statistics for selected component
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceShow statistics for selected field
Ctrl+Alt+SpaceShow statistics for selected sub-component
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceShow statistics for selected field
Ctrl+Shift+AShow advanced statistics for selected area
Ctrl+MouseHovering over a field with the Ctrl key pressed will display a tooltip with the field description