HL7Spy Quick Overview

The main window consists of following regions shown below.

  1. The Main Application Menu provides access to various application level functions and settings.
  2. The Message Tabs provide a description of the file(s) that are currently opened.
  3. The Message Editor area contains tabs, which in turn contain a collection of messages.
  4. The Specialty Tool area hosts various tools for editing, searching, manipulating, analyzing, and characterize the messages in the active tab.
  5. The Status Area provides progress and other information about active operations happening in the application.
  6. The Message Offset/Size indicates the offset and size of the message respectively.

Window Docking

HL7Spy supports Window Docking which allows the applications window layout to be adjusted to suit the user's preference, or to facilitate the execution of some task. For example, dragging an editor window so that it is side-by-side with another, as shown below, is handy when you drag-and-drop messages from one tab to another.



In general, tool windows cannot be docked within the Message Editor docking area. The exception is the HL7 Send tool which can only be docked within a given Message Editor.

Floating Windows

Windows can be dragged outside of the application onto the desktop, or a separate monitor. The window positions will be remembered when the application is restarted. To re-host a floating window, drag it back into the application main window, or tool docking area.