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Ctrl+TabSwitch Focus between the Editor and Segment Editor
Ctrl+POpen message property window for the selected message
Ctrl+EShow Segment Editor view
Ctrl+Shfit+MMerge Message tabs
Ctrl+WShow the Watch List view
Ctrl+Shift+SSort Message tab
Ctrl+Shift+Generate watch list report
Ctrl+Shift+RGenerate clean up message collection tool
F1Show HL7 Standard view

Message/Field Navigation


Ctrl+Shift+WAdd current selection to Watch List
Ctrl+SpaceShow statistics for selected component
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceShow statistics for selected field
Ctrl+Alt+SpaceShow statistics for selected sub-component
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceShow statistics for selected field
Ctrl+Shift+AShow advanced statistics for selected area
Ctrl+MouseHovering over a field with the Ctrl key pressed will display a tooltip with the field description